Nutrition & Health

We believe that familiarizing students with healthy and good tasting food in schools could change the eating habits and overall health of our students. The school cafeteria serves healthy and nutritious meals in hygienic surroundings. The menu of the meal served to the students is not only high in nutritional value but also caters to the tastes of our children. The dedicated cafeteria staff is trained by chefs in a way to create meals that are well balanced and tasty. 

Our meals include more wholesome grains, fresh vegetables, less sugar and salt, saturated fats and trans fats and ensure that meals have at least five grams of fiber. Apart from providing tasty food, our school also provides drinks in summers and soups in winters. Quality checks are performed regularly to maintain high standards of health and hygiene.

Nutritious, home cooked food is served in our cafeteria daily.

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